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Protect those you love with true peace of mind

Built on a foundation that brings your safety to Higher Grounds

Your needs are what drives us and your safety is our success. That is how we deliver a solution that you will not want to live without.

People First

We believe that you, your customers, and those you love should always be our priority. A solution to be always on, especially when you are there.

Fit for You, Fit for All

Safety is for everybody. An easy-to-install system that will fit to your needs and your budged.

Own Your Data

We believe that there is no security without privacy. All the data is yours, always.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We are constantly challenging ourselves to bring to you the best that technology can offer to keep you always safe.


iBlock Hub


Fast Reaction.
Impeccable Reliability.

The iBlock Hub is an invisible guardian that uses AI to immediately recognize threats and trigger the right measures. Invisible security is achieved by a smart device that keeps you safe even when you are not aware.

You won't need to monitor your smartphone to know that you are safe. It goes beyond traditional smart devices and provides more than just connectivity, but true cleverness when dealing with all the different threats, reacting faster than any other type of vigilance. 


You need less than 30 min to install the iBlock vigilance kit and be safe. It is a simple-to-install solution that requires no wires. You are also able to connect to your already existing alarm system* and bring it to a new level of smartness.​

* Compatible with some of the major brands in the market.

Be Ready for the Rollout!


Are You Ready to Join the Revolution on
Digital Security?


Operations starting in Brazil in 2021. Choose to Get Started if you want to be part of the revolution on digital security. 

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